November 12, 2020
Cory Mensch

How To Know It’s Time For A New Site

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for when you need a new site. If you are making regular security updates and keeping content up-to-date, your site may still work for you. However, there are several signs that your site isn’t serving its purpose and needs a full-fledged update.

Here’s how we determine a client needs a site overhaul. You can run through this checklist to determine where your site stands.

Your Site Isn’t Converting

This could mean sales if you are an ecommerce site, or form completions, requests for a quote, or any other type of lead your website is trying to acquire. If it’s not converting, it’s time for a new site!

Your Site Has Poor User Experience (UX)

There are several factors that can determine poor UX:

  • If your website loads slowly, it affects your business across the board. Not only is your website harder to use, but it degrades the trust customers have in your brand. This all impacts conversion.
  • If your website is not secure, it will further degrade trust. Not sure if it’s secure, here’s how to tell!
  • If your website has too many pages, a confusing sitemap, or no site search, update it! If users have a hard time finding the content they need, they will leave. Users should be able to get where they need to go with as few clicks as possible.

Your Site is Hard For Your Staff to Use & Update

We build sites that are easy for your team to update on their own. If you dread making content updates, or it’s simply impossible to make certain updates, it’s probably time to upgrade. A new site with a new content management system (CMS) built specifically to help you reach your business goals will help you make content updates with ease.

Likewise, if there are website tasks such as keeping track of leads, sharing blogs on social media, optimizing pages for SEO, etc. that your staff is currently doing manually, we can upgrade your website to automate these tasks.

Your Business Goals Have Changed

It goes without saying that if your business goals have changed, let’s build a site that reflects them!

The Look & Feel Are Out Of Date

No one likes a dated site. Like anything else, your website will reflect the era during which it was created. A modern look and feel says that your business is still fully active and engaged.

If you have updated your brand’s visual identity, including the logo, colors, fonts, etc, your website needs to be updated to reflect these changes. Customers need a consistent experience however they choose to interact with your brand, whether that be in person at a brick-and-mortar, on social media, and/or on your site.

Think you may be in need of a site refresh? We’re in the business of making that happen. Send us a message to get started.

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