September 29, 2022
Erin Dean

The Rise of Gen Z Marketing

As the years pass on, a new generation gets older and joins the media landscape. Generation Z is one of our youngest members of society having been born between roughly 1997 – 2012. By the time they were in middle school, the first iPhone was on the market and Facebook was beginning to connect millions. Being the first generation to grow up with modern technology, these young tweens, teens, and adults are influencing our marketing efforts substantially. Understanding how their funnel works and how their media activity impacts our landscape is crucial to succeeding as a business in this new online world.

Video Killed the Radio Star

It’s no secret that video content has risen in popularity over the years – but in 2022, it’s more important than ever to reach new heights in the algorithm. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook prioritize video content over still images, showing them more often in your follower’s feeds. Gen Z content creators have taken over platforms like TikTok and have begun to make a name for themselves, flooding the platform with more like-minded, and aged, individuals. TikTok is becoming a way for people to shop now too. Viewers find new products, services, experiences, and places to visit daily. In fact, product recommendations on social media have been known to sell out products overnight. Doubting the power of social video persuasion can seriously set your business back. 

In fact, on platforms like TikTok, we’ve seen a rise in a form of content the kids are calling, “unhinged.” Creating relatable videos by unassuming brands such as law offices or language learning apps has skyrocketed brands to internet fame. Capitalizing on trends and not being afraid to get silly online increases brand awareness and has earned the respect of Gen Z. 

Go Easy on Me, Baby

Another factor that makes Gen Z trickier to market to is their heightened desire for ease of user experience. They won’t see a product on TikTok and close the app to search for it, add to cart, and make a purchase. Disrupting their seemingly endless scroll of content is a Gen Z marketing no-no. Thankfully, social media networks are rolling out new ways to help you keep the interest of your audience right on their platform.

From in-app shopping features on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, to linking or tagging products on posts, social media has become its own online store for retailers. Aside from physical products, promoting services, blogs, or websites directly on the post or in a profile eases the user’s experience. Services like are great additions to a bio that compile all the most important links in one place for your users. Utilizing social media smartly can drive traffic to all the right places outside of the app. 

Finally, retargeting social media visitors using ads, whether social, display, or otherwise, wear down Gen Z users, bring brand awareness, and lead to further conversions. If a viewer clicks your ad on Instagram but does not make a purchase, retarget them with an Instagram story offering a promo code, for example, to remind and entice. 

Gen Z will only get more purchasing and decision-making power as they age. They will soon be the largest cohort of consumers so catering to their digital habits and expectations will take your brand far online. 

As a full-scale marketing agency, 3Seed has experience creating successful content for clients on a variety of platforms. We can help you reach new heights – and new audiences! Reach out to talk about your needs today. 

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