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Graphic Designer
3Seed Marketing & Design is seeking a Graphic Designer to join our team. As a member of 3Seed, you will work closely with other creative professionals, account managers, partners, and clients.

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Web Developer

Do you enjoy bringing creative ideas to life? Are you good at solving unique problems? Do you add artistic flair to your development projects? Are you at home with a pair of headphones and a dark-mode code editor?

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Social Media Intern

Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Do you know all the latest TikTok trends the moment they happen and get sucked into Instagram Reels? Are you good at using your phone to catch on-the-spot video and have an eye for photo opportunities? Do you have photo/video editing abilities? Do you have a flair for the creative? Are you open to new ideas and like to try new things? Are you a creative writer?

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