November 12, 2020
Cory Mensch

Here’s How You Can Tell If Your Site’s Secure & Why It’s Important To Google

It doesn’t take a security breach to understand just how important web security is to the development and strategy of a website. It’s an important part of our strategy to not only protect your company but also your site visitor’s information. That’s why we ensure that every site we work on has an SSL Certificate.

Secure Sockets Layer, more commonly referred to as an SSL, is a certificate that ensures the information on your site is safe from interception. You may have seen the lock icon and “Secure” designation next to a site URL in Google Chrome:

Here’s why they are a crucial part of our strategy:

  • It tells the user that connections to your site are encrypted and they (the user) are protected.
  • It designates to your user that you are who you are, and that they are on your company’s “official website”– similar to the blue checkmark you may see on Instagram or the blue verified badge you’d see on Twitter.
  • Google now heavily recommends having an SSL cert, to the point where your search engine ranking will be penalized for not having one.
  • Browsers now heavily recommend having an SSL cert as well. Now, all browsers will deliberately tell the users when your site does not have a cert. In Chrome, it will say “Not Secure” in the address bar. Obviously you’d rather your customer not be scared off by that message!
  • Lots of hosts offer SSL certs for free! If you host with 3Seed, your SSL cert is included with your hosting, free of charge.

We can convert any site to HTTPS, making your site secure, at any time! Not sure if your site is secure or that you’re doing everything possible to protect your site’s security? We can help you figure it out. Just send us a message!

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