July 07, 2021
Cory Mensch

Here’s Why 3Seed Is So Obsessed With WordPress

WordPress is our preferred content management system (CMS) for websites. When a client comes to us for a new website or to refresh their old site, we always recommend using WordPress. So, we thought it may be helpful to answer one of our most common FAQs, “Why is 3Seed so obsessed with WordPress?”

Good question. Here’s why:

It’s Popular

WordPress is well known. It’s been around for 18 years and is used for 41.7% of all websites and 64.9% of all websites with a CMS at the time of this writing.

The benefit of using such a popular platform is that the odds are high that someone on your staff has worked in WordPress before. This is a huge benefit for clients who plan on updating or changing content on their own site once it is live.

We are always able to find support for issues via the enormous WordPress community. Someone out there in the past 18 years has run into your problem and now everyone knows how to fix it. It’s the equivalent of owning a popular type of car that every mechanic knows how to fix.

But our #1 reason why WordPress is the best is because it is easy to use. If clients didn’t love WordPress, it would not be so successful. We believe this is invaluable once your site is launched and content needs to be updated (which is inevitable). WordPress makes it incredibly easy to update all aspects of your site from content, to navigation, to forms, to adding video.

It’s Great for SEO

WordPress also makes it incredibly easy for your SEO team to make changes and updates to increase your Google rank. SEO staff can easily edit metadata, alt tags, schema markup, sitemaps, and more right in the WordPress admin interface without any development assistance, saving you money!

WordPress has a number of caching and optimization solutions we implement on every website we create which increases Google Pagespeed metrics, which in turn increases Google’s new Core Web Vitals metrics.

It Has So Many Free Plugins!

Free plugins can help you achieve complex goals like ecommerce functionality, complex forms, calendars of events, accepting donations, etc, and it also easily integrates with third party vendors such as Salesforce, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, PayPal, Social Media platforms,and the list goes on.

Widely Supported + Very Portable + No Need For A License= Clients Have More Freedom

Lots of CMS platforms hamstring your business with a license fee and/or unique server requirements. WordPress has no license fee, and very modest server requirements. What this means for clients is that their business is not held hostage. Clients are free to move their site to different hosts easily and painlessly.

If the time comes where a client needs to switch marketing agencies entirely, there won’t be any scary “gotchas” during that transition. WordPress data can easily be exported into a new CMS platform, or easily moved to a new host.

It’s Secure

Surprised to see this here? Read our blog about WordPress security to learn more about the misconceptions surrounding WordPress and security and how we make sure your site’s safe and secure.

Think it’s time for a new site? Contact us to start the conversation!

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