July 07, 2021
Cory Mensch

How We Ensure Your WordPress Site Is Safe

There is a common misconception that WordPress is easy to hack and that makes clients understandably worried.

Something we tell our clients to keep in mind is that WordPress makes up almost half of the internet, and the most popular platform will always have the most hack reports, regardless of how secure the platform is.

Here’s how we work hard to ensure every WordPress site we develop is safe and secure.

Constant Updates

WordPress is easy to update. A key strength of WordPress is the ability to update all Plugins and WordPress Core at regular intervals without any danger to your website. Constant updates means security vulnerabilities can be patched before they become an issue.

Plugins Best Practices

There are various highly reputable WordPress plugins that exist solely to make WordPress secure. Plugins such as Wordfence and iThemes Security are extremely trusted by the community, and have over 5 million downloads between them. Speaking of trust, we only use the most trusted plugins available, if we use additional plugins at all. We understand that less plugins means more security

Security-Focused Customizations

At 3Seed, we don’t use stock WordPress. Instead, we use a security-first WordPress framework called Bedrock. Bedrock changes various aspects of the typical WordPress file systems such as folder structure and file permissions making it more secure and resilient to malicious activity.

Upgraded Hosting

Specialized hosting solutions such as Pantheon offer a premium security-focused WordPress hosting solution. Pantheon prevents any files from being edited on your live server, greatly reducing security threats.

Interested in upgrading your site’s security? Contact us to audit your site and talk through your options!

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