October 16, 2020
John Mulder

You’re Starting What? Now?

We started 3Seed in 2009, in the middle of a recession. Like most start-ups, we didn’t have a ton of cash on hand.  We had an idea and a passion for what we were creating. It was a scary time.

Yet, isn’t that the entrepreneurial way? You understand the pitfalls and then you carefully plan your course only to just jump in headfirst anyway. 

So, that’s what we did. We had a brand and personality that connected and we jumped in headfirst.  We grew despite the odds.  And you can too.

It’s true. We’re in an arguably more challenging time to start a business now than we were when we started 3Seed. But you WILL succeed.

Through the recession, we learned to stretch our money and use it carefully. In fact, we still follow that strategy with our client’s money. We create a budget as if it were our own – which in a way it is. We only succeed if you succeed. It does no good to take the money and run.

So, as you embark in the next chapter of your career, look for partners– companies who share your passion and philosophy. Look for those with whom you can have an engaging exchange of thought. That’s where ideas flourish and grow.

And, it’s how your company will do the same.

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