July 07, 2021
Corrin Magditch

Helping Our Friends at The Yurconic Agency Hit It Out Of The Park With A New Business Podcast

Making our clients dreams come true is something we always strive to do. It’s the catalyst behind so much of the amazing work we’ve created. When the business-lines team at The Yurconic Agency came to us with the idea for a podcast, we jumped to action.

The Playbook Podcast is centered around the idea that everyone can relate to sports analogies and that every great business uses a playbook, or a plan for success. We helped this idea take form by designing a playful logo that includes illustrations of the podcast’s two hosts, Andy and Glenn.

Once the branding took shape, we helped The Playbook Podcast make each episode a reality, editing a weekly teaser video as well as a full-length video version of each podcast, with the audio version to match.

We also created a custom intro that the hosts can use for each episode and consulted to help them logistically figure out all the details that go into creating, producing, and marketing a podcast.

It has been such an amazing opportunity to work with The Yurconic Agency over the years, from their rebrand, to social, to digital strategy, and beyond! We were so thrilled to bring The Playbook Podcast to life and to be featured on their latest episode to share our marketing wisdom with the world.

To check out every episode of The Playbook Podcast, listen on Spotify, Anchor, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Have a business dream you’d like to make a reality? Contact the 3Seed team to develop a tangible plan to make it happen. We’re always happy to support however we can.

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