July 28, 2021
John Mulder

Can you dig it?

When something is struggling to grow, you might need to prune, change fertilizer, or maybe just remove it. But when something is growing well, you merely tend to it. You don’t uproot it for no good reason. It’s gardening 101. 

The same goes for your marketing. If things are working well, you don’t alter your strategy, you don’t drastically change, and you never throw it all away and start over. 

3Seed approaches advertising and marketing with sustainability in mind. We want what you do today, to ensure a stable future. We don’t want to ever start over. We want to continue to grow. We may adjust, try something new, but we never dig it all up and replant. Unless there’s a very good reason.

You will get bored of your ads well before the marketplace does. That’s not enough reason to make a change. It’s acceptable, in fact encouraged, to have versions of the same message, but to retool on a set schedule is disaster. The thought of changing brand concepts annually is nothing new. We, however, eschew it.

Clients believe that they need to regularly retool as a result of years of doing things the wrong way. Car dealers are possibly the worst. They cry, “A new month means a new gimmick.” But novelty isn’t branding and it’s bad advertising. And bad advertising has a way of forcing business owners to start over. Again, and again. 

Instead. Take the time to create a message that resonates with your audience. Create a look that evokes response and remains consistent. Intensity doesn’t work as well as consistency. Consistency will allow your brand to grow. And grow well.

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