November 24, 2020
Corrin Magditch

Writing Killer Content Isn’t As Hard As You Think If You Stick To This Formula

No one realizes just how hard it is to tell their brand story, and tell it well (and for the web) until they try to do it. In fact, it’s what I speculate keeps me so busy at work. Clients sit down to write something, whether it is a press release, a direct mail piece, their website content, or a blog or article they want to publish in a trade journal and they are stumped. They have all the information, they know their brand better than we ever will, but actually writing the piece out is not happening.

Although I love my job and don’t want to give you all the secrets that make me good at writing content, there are a few tried and true tips that help make the entire process easier.

1) Identify & Work Your Angle

What’s your message? Who’s your audience? What are your goals? If you have these 3 things identified, then you’re on track to write content that can work

2) Determine The Right Channel For Your Message

Running a limited-time promotion?  Is your audience more likely to see the promotion if you send it via direct mail, email, or across your social platforms? Maybe you’re running a promotion to bring in new customers. You may instead decide to do a campaign across your social channels. Determining how and where your message will be seen goes a long way to how you write the content.

3) Put Down Some Words

This is the stage that causes the most pain for our clients! Clients come to us knowing their brand story back and forth but when it comes time to writing it out for a promotion, blog, or website, they don’t know where to start. I’ll let you in on a secret. Writing great copy is partially about being a good decision maker. Make a decision on what angle you’re taking and the words usually start flowing.

4) Make Sure Your Content Works Hand In Hand With Design & Development

Great messaging with a bad design will be overlooked! Make sure that your content and design work together to make your messaging stand out and catch the attention of your audience.

5) Send it Out Into The Wild

Second after writing, deciding when to push send causes a lot of anxiety. Similarly to writing, this is another instance where being decisive can help! Your content can only work its magic if you send it out there.

6) Engage in Conversation

Participation in conversations surrounding your content is strongly encouraged. Further the power of your messaging by engaging in the dialogue it creates. This could also create strong relationships with your brand.

7) Analyze Results & Review For Next Time

Bravo! You did it. Before you pour a glass of wine and check this task off your to-do list, analyze the success of your work and see where you can make improvements. Actually, you could do this while also having a glass of wine.

Writing great marketing content is not impossible, but it can be difficult to get started. If you need help along the way, we are always here to point you in the right direction or help write copy to position you as an expert in your field. Just reach out. We’re here to help.

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