October 06, 2020
Valerie Creitz

Why No One Is Seeing Your Amazing Posts on Social & How To Fix That Fast

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With social media there is one truth you need to know: if you aren’t spending money, you won’t see results.

Over the last few years we’ve had many conversations with prospective clients who tell us that they are investing time and resources into creating and sharing unique content on social media but aren’t seeing clear results. They feel like despite their efforts engagement, sales, and/or referrals from social media are lacking. And, we agree.

The cold hard facts are that you will not see the engagement you may have seen in the start of your brand’s journey on social without adding a budget into the mix.

Here’s why you have to be spending money on social:

1. Algorithm updates have changed the game

Social media’s continually evolving and your social strategy has to do the same.

Even if your organic content is engaging, it’s not reaching your full audience. Social media platforms have changed the game with algorithm updates in order to sort and prioritize a flooded market of content. It’s now impossible for a business to organically reach every single person connected to its page. In fact, even your most loyal followers may not see your content regularly.

The goal of the algorithms is to deliver the content that appeals the most to an individual. These algorithms use thousands of metrics to learn what you like based on your behavior, but often this can cause many businesses and brands on social media to get lost in the shuffle.

2. Campaign objectives drive business goals

Do you want to increase engagement with a piece of quality content? Are you looking to collect email leads? Perhaps you’re looking to push a promo to drive sales?

No matter your business goals, social media advertising allows you to easily execute ad strategies by selecting campaign objectives that align with your desired outcomes and results.

For example, Facebook now offers more than a dozen campaign objectives and based on your selections, you’re only charged when the action you specify is completed. This could be a click to visit your website, or a new follower gained.

3. Unique targeting options

Social media platforms have struck gold with data. While their primary mission is to allow people to share and express what matters to them and connect with others, the data they compile from users presents a valuable marketing opportunity. 

Social media sites track on-site activity, such as page likes, ad clicks, profile information, check-ins, and device and location settings. And while users may feel like Big Brother is watching, advertisers should rejoice! This data creates precise targeting based on location, age, gender, language, interests, and behavior. This data can be used to create hyper-targeted campaigns targeting brand new customers or returning ones.

4. Cost-effective marketing

While ad pricing varies based on the platform used and other factors, including the time of the year, the location you’re targeting, and the quality of your ad, social media advertising as a whole has proven itself to be a hugely cost-effective marketing tool.

There is a social media ad solution for every budget, from just a few dollars a day to million-dollar campaigns. No matter your budget, you are still able to make an impact on these channels to reach and convert new leads.

Let’s put it into perspective for you. One of our clients, a local law firm, added a budget of $25 a month in July and August to boost content on their Facebook Feed. Here’s the results year-over year:

To sum it up, the best way to make your voice heard on an algorithm controlled platform is to pay. By learning to leverage social media as an advertising platform, you can see significant return on investment through the increased engagement you’ve been lacking with an organic strategy. If you’re ready to leverage these opportunities, contact us! We can schedule a time to talk about your business goals and opportunities.

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