October 06, 2014
John Mulder

The Seductive Art of Arousal

Contrary to what you may think, the strongest form of arousal for human beings isn’t tawdry sex.

It’s surprise. Simple surprise. Surprise is the emotion that get’s us to sit up, take notice, and most importantly, remember the things we experience. Without surprise, we don’t pay attention to what we hear or see. Yes, there are exceptions – like when you must listen for a specific reason – but I’m talking about the uninvited things that enter our life. Those need the element of surprise to be effective.

The things you recall like it happened yesterday are typically the things that jumped out at you for one reason or another. The surprise factor is the thing that makes it stick. Where were you headed when your car broke down?

Your ad, your post, your speech, must surprise your audience in some way. But only if you want them to remember it. Otherwise, feel free to use the same old clichés.

You see, if you add an unexpected twist. A shocking statement. An unusual photo. You CAN AROUSE your audience in such a way that they WILL remember what you’ve just communicated.

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