June 14, 2021
John Mulder

The Discomfort Zone

I want you to think about your central air or heating system. Both are controlled by a thermostat designed to keep the room temperature within your pre-determined comfort zone. Do you know what the system is doing when the room is in your comfort zone? Nothing. Once it hits the predetermined temperature, it shuts off.

The same happens when you’re in your marketing comfort zone.

There are several signs that you may be in your comfort zone. Maybe your creative feels good to you but isn’t driving traffic the way it used to. Maybe you haven’t reviewed your media mix for a long time, or it could be that you simply sign the same contract year after year. 

Our job as your marketing company is to regularly push you outside of your comfort zone– to push the boundaries. To get a response. But change is not always easy. New messaging or new strategy sometimes makes our clients nervous or uncomfortable, and that’s okay.

At the core of our strategy is the mission to stick to your brand. So, while we may push you out of your comfort zone, we never stray from your brand. It’s worth noting that a brand has a very wide berth and can accommodate many changes.

All of this does require some trust. We use tools such as analytics and data to build trust, prove our strategy is working, and mitigate any risk. Once we see how our efforts are working, we use that information to adjust our strategy. We even A/B test concepts to make sure we are maximizing your reward.

We’ve found this to be a safe way to get your brand noticed. It may make you feel uncomfortable at times, and that’s ok. Because nothing happens inside the comfort zone. And that’s what takes your company to the next level.

Marketing is designed to get noticed. Comfortable ads and campaigns don’t get noticed.

Has this blog hit a little close to home? Maybe it’s time to give us a call. It’s never too late to adjust your company’s thermostat.

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