February 16, 2016
John Mulder

The Buzz on Trends for 2016

I’m cautious when it comes to following any of the latest trends.

Partially because I don’t like to follow them, but mostly because doing so is potentially a big gamble. Because all too often, what people are calling hot for this year ends up being ice cold when the ball drops to ring in the new.

There are, however, some marketing trends that, while being heralded as new trends for 2016, are in my opinion, here to stay for a long time.

Relationship Marketing – To me, this is essentially branding with a new name. Branding is building a relationship with your customers by conveying a message that resonates. You create a relationship by delivering what you say and remaining authentic. It’s always been a good thing when you focus on building a relationship with your customers.

Marketing Automation – As the saying goes – work smarter, not harder. With Marketing Automation, you allow technology to do the work for you. The most important parts of the process are strategy and content. You need both. This is the way it’s always been done, but now you can have a computer to help execute on your behalf.

Location-based Marketing/Geo Fencing – I’ve always been a fan of matching the message to the experience you’re having right now. For example, an ad at a sporting event should incorporate the experience you’re having at that exact moment. Today’s location-based marketing leverages technology to reach people in your immediate vicinity and give them something of value at that very moment. The native applications of a smartphone make this very appealing.

Web Videos – People read less and less. I’d be surprised if you’ve even read my blog to this point. Information presented in video form has greater impact and higher retention. This has been the case for decades. But you need to do it well. Take time to develop the concept, take care shooting the video, make sure it’s well edited.

While staying current with technology is vital in staying relevant in the market, it’s figuring out how to use it smartly that makes my job so exciting. Here’s to an exciting 2016!

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