January 17, 2018
John Mulder

Sound Marketing: Why using sound is an important part of your branding

Right out of the gate, clients spend a lot of time worrying about how their brand looks. But often clients don’t put much consideration into how their brand sounds. It really is a forgotten piece of the puzzle.

We trust audio disruptors to wake us from our nightly slumber, to alert us when there is an unwanted intruder, and to save us from fires we can’t see with a piercing beep.

And based on sound alone, we can tell when our favorite television show is on even if we’re in the other room. The same goes for news programs, sports programs, or commercials. Just think of the Intel Inside sound, or the three tones from NBC. How about The Simpsons, or Jaws?

The reason why audio branding is so effective is because it’s connected in the same way the way sounds directly impact our reactions.

Brands are finding that the use of sound cannot only shape experience, but it can also shape behavior. Sound can be used to relax people who are traveling, waiting in an airport, or enjoying dinner in a restaurant. But, they can also drive people away.

The emotional connection to sound is causing many companies to focus on audio branding. This encompasses so much more than jingles. We’re talking about using sound to enhance customer experiences.

Here are some of the benefits to using sound in your branding:

Strengthen brand recall and create a memorable identity

As we explored earlier, people remember signature music or tones. Sound is key to memory recall so brands that place importance on unique audio branding have a greater chance of creating a memorable identity. In a world inundated with ads, how to stand out is something every brand thinks about!

Improve brand loyalty

Brands can leverage audio branding to build trust by creating long anthems to tell the brand story and foster a sense of security. As award-winning Composer, Producer, Arranger, Author,and Founder of Man Made Music, Joel Beckerman says, “You can’t lie with sound.” Thus strengthening the existing relationship you have with your customers.

Affect customers’ moods

Brands want to leave their customers happy and satisfied. Audio can be used to help consumers feel a certain way. In a study by Katz Marketing, the theme music for FOX NFL Football was found to induce excitement and anticipation in people. Why not do the same for your consumers?

Sound is used in more than marketing and advertising. It’s incorporated in the functionality of products, from the connection sound on Skype to the click of a car door. Proving the importance of sound to the way we interact with products and companies we love.

Interested in creating unique audio for your brand, or want to discuss how a jingle or anthem may take your marketing to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. We are audio marketing experts! Early in our career, we even wrote a jingle that made its way into an SNL skit! Contact us today, to help increase brand recognition and loyalty.

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