June 29, 2018
John Mulder

Social, Traditional or Both?

Social media has become arguably the easiest and most common way to communicate. So, does that mean that it should replace your traditional marketing? The title of this blog should indicate where this blog is going.

Despite being in a digital age, traditional media is still the best way to build your brand. Although popular and effective, social media cannot completely replace traditional marketing tools and strategies. Radio, for instance, is still an effective outlet for marketing. TV commercials are still a relevant source of advertising. That’s why Super Bowl commercial slots go for millions of dollars because – many people just watch for the commercials.

On the flip slide, you are able to target your audience using social media. Facebook uses enhanced analytics to reach users and give the most meaningful advertisement experience possible. Having an online and social presence lets you interact with consumers and create an online community focused around your brand. People may praise your service in the comments. Or, they could complain. If they complain, you have to opportunity to reach out to them directly for feedback and resolve the issue. It is better to address issues in the comments of a social media post than a Google review. Through social engagement, you are potentially reaching a new audience as well. Social media is the new word-of-mouth.

When developing a social media presence, be sure to have multiple channels at your fingertips. Don’t rely solely on Facebook likes. Branch out into multiple platforms for social media and decide what is best for your brands voice. Use Instagram. Create hashtags on Twitter. Document events on Snapchat. There really isn’t a need to be on every social media in existence. But by reaching out to various types of users in your community, you are optimizing the social media movement.

Ultimately, you need to have a healthy mix of both social media and traditional advertising. Just like a yin and yang — one requires the other.

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