February 14, 2020
Corrin Magditch

New Year, New Me, & New #REPORTINGGOALS

It’s a few weeks into not only a new year but also a new decade and many of us are already trudging, defeated, into the first month of 2020, having dropped our resolutions and renewed sense of self.

Not 3Seed!

Our goal for 2020 was something we already had set in motion before the ball dropped at midnight– to optimize our reporting to make it more streamlined, accurate, and transparent. Exhilarating stuff. But, it really is as important to us as designing new brands and launching new sites. And while you’d assume it isn’t as fun, you’re wrong. We’re crazy about reports.

In our blog from last summer, we discussed the importance of breaking down reporting beyond the numbers, to the core story of what’s working and what isn’t with your marketing.

We’re taking it a step further this year, optimizing our reporting so that our clients are even more included in the process. That means reporting is more than a PDF file emailed to you (which we’ve made sure of from the start). It means monthly meetings, transparency about what’s working and why, and conversations with your team about how to move forward with campaigns.

And as with any resolution, accountability helps us keep the ball rolling so we’re sharing our goal with the whole world. That way, it is less likely to resemble a forgotten gym membership or crumbled up reusable bag in the trunk of your car (Not your car specifically. We know you always remember to bring your bag into the store).

Want to discuss whether your marketing is working, and how you can find out? Contact us. We’re ready to make your 2020 goals happen.

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