March 27, 2020
Corrin Magditch

Maintaining Morale when Working from Home

Monday afternoon, 3Seed went live on Instagram as part of our 3Seed Couch Surfing series, where we are talking to different members of our team about how they are getting through these unprecedented times.

In addition to discussing why your marketing shouldn’t stop now, Mulder and Courtney also discussed how to maintain morale when working from home. Which is something I know every member of 3Seed appreciates being a priority.

Here’s Mulder’s advice to business owners and senior leadership who are trying to lift the spirits of their remote workers:

  1. Talk on video! Personal communication is lacking when we work alone and it is great to see somebody’s face. Just this morning we had an employee comment that the morning check-in was the best part of their day.
  2. Start with a positive message or activity. This really does make a difference. I look at it as a few minutes to reset your brain and create a positive atmosphere.
  3. Cut people some slack. This is not normal so don’t expect it to be. There will be interruptions and connections will be choppy. Don’t expect it to be perfect. It’s okay to laugh and make light of it.
  4. Create consistency with a set meeting time. Working at home is distracting enough. Don’t add to the distraction. Don’t call unexpected meetings unless it is vital. Send an email instead. Morale is improved when people can control their schedule since all else is haywire right now.

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