January 09, 2017
John Mulder

Instagram Stories: A Quick Look at What Clients Should Know

We believe that finding creative ways to tell your brand’s story is a worthwhile venture. That is why we feel that you need to understand and take advantage of the benefits available with Instagram’s new “Stories” feature for your business. However, before you begin spamming your audience with real-time updates, it is good to understand how to best use this feature. Here are a few hints to maximizing your brand’s potential:

General Rule: Use Instagram Stories for urgent news or events:
Instagram Stories, much like Snapchat, only last for 24 hours. This makes it great for daily business updates or limited time offers. Reserve the traditional feed for more permanent and more polished brand photos.

Enhance your brand with Stories:
Build content buzz. Show your audience behind-the-scenes footage of your business to build a new level of trust. The story feature would be a great place to give a short video tour of your office, post updates at a trade show event, or give a further look into your creative process at work.

Promote a campaign or event: 
Remind your audience of an event, sale, or reason to connect with your business later that day, and create a sense of urgency to participate – whether it be a grand opening, or a contest to enter. Building up the hype throughout the day, will keep your brand on their mind.

Limited-time sales:
Tease a limited-time sale with coupon codes and ask your audience to Direct Message you for details. Or, tell them to check out a landing page in your bio for more information about an item or promotional offer. A recurring theme with the Stories feature is to ACT NOW, before the story, and the offer, disappear.

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