June 14, 2017
John Mulder

How to Create a Campaign That Works Is in the Messaging Not the Medium

Deciding which medium to use for your advertising campaigns can be tricky. That’s where media buyers and salespeople come in. They’ll help you target the right audience using the right channels, whether it’s social media, search marketing or print advertising. In order for your media to be effective, your advertising campaign needs a well crafted message that can lead your efforts across any advertising platform. From there, the medium you are using to put your message out there should be able to take that message and run with it.

Create an XL Message in a Medium Industry

Have you ever said, or heard a colleague proclaim “radio doesn’t work,” “I never get results from direct mail,” or “TV is a waste.” The truth is (and I’ll either make lots of friends or lots of enemies with this statement) every medium works. Which one you choose to use, depends on to what success you want to achieve and your budget.

You see, success depends on your expectations. By definition, success is meeting those expectations, nothing more.

Getting Realistic with Your Expectations 

You need to be realistic with your expectations as it relates to your budget. A direct mail piece that is sent to 2,000 homes will probably not generate 2,000 new customers. A TV commercial that reaches 500,000 viewers will not generate 500,000 sales. Every medium has a general expected return – and those are based on sheer numbers, not the message. A big creative message increases the effectiveness of the medium. Every time.

When ads don’t work, it’s when the message doesn’t resonate with the audience. It’s not the medium’s fault.

Satisfying Your Consumer’s Need

Remember the old adage about selling ice to an Eskimo? No matter how hard you try, or what you say, if the audience doesn’t need or want your product, you can’t sell it to them.

It’s not always true. You may be able to create a need with the right advertising. It is even more often the case that you can satisfy the need of someone who needs your product.

Assuming you have a product or service that people want, those in the market will notice your message regardless of the medium.

If you need a new washing machine, you’d be surprised how many ads for washing machines you start to notice.

Try as we might, we cannot completely avoid ads in any form. And knowing that, we must create a message that get’s people to want to explore more. Ads don’t seal the deal. They open the door.

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