February 05, 2019
John Mulder

How Gritty Is an Ode to Our Marketing Philosophy

In marketing, it takes guts to launch a new marketing campaign. Because of social media, it may take guts now more than ever.

Taking a chance, ruffling feathers, going outside of the norm are hallmarks of great advertising. It’s always required the guts to try. Today, everything we do is potentially criticized and scrutinized the moment it’s revealed. It’s only the ones who have grit who will make it.

The Philadelphia Flyers took a ‘damn the torpedoes’ position when it came to Gritty, their orange monster on meth, cousin of the Muppets mascot. The new mascot wasn’t in the market for 24 hours before it was ripped to shreds by social piranhas. But, the Flyers didn’t back down.

And, then, something magical happened.

The community actually embraced him. And, Gritty is now the most adored mascot in the NHL. Heck, in all of the professional sports.

Why, you may ask? Because the Flyers had the guts to stick with what they believed in and didn’t back down or listen to the critics.

By now you may be asking what this has to do with 3Seed’s approach to marketing, and I challenge you that it has everything to do with it.

Gritty whole heartedly matches our brand philosophy.

Something I preach to our clients and employees alike is to plant a seed and let it grow. This requires time. Some people plant a seed and dig it up too soon. Some people would dig it up immediately after not seeing results, and just call it quits.

To that I say, wait. I urge you to give your projects and ideas space and time to grow.
Gritty is a powerful example that our philosophy is not coming out of left field.

On paper, Gritty is ridiculous. But, it works. It’s proof of the power of not calling it quits when something seems to not be an immediate hit.
Because, just like Gritty, seeds take time to grow, and when they do, they flourish.

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