January 08, 2015
John Mulder

Go Boldly

Giving up something you’ve become attached to, even when you know it isn’t right for you, is difficult. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

It’s a typical human emotional response to loss. I believe that instead of resisting, we should be open, willing, and even eager to give up something that’s not working. Something that was once perfect, but isn’t anymore.

Deciding to change your company’s name, logo, brand, website, even a brochure can cause internal friction. But when it’s time, you need to let go.

I wish I had a quick fix or a truism for overcoming the feeling, but I don’t. I guess the point of this entry is to make you realize you’re not alone. That it’s normal. That despite our innate resistance to change, when we know it’s time, it is best to let go and embrace a new beginning.

I met with a client this week that had asked us to help him say goodbye to his old brand. His brand was tired. Outdated. His competitors were overshadowing it. So, we presented our concepts to him. They were fresh, creative, and right on the money for what he needs. He even said so.

And yet, despite his admiration for what we had created, he was visibly struggling with his decision to move on.

He knows it’s time. He just needs to let go and boldly move on. Perhaps you need to too.

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