July 06, 2015
John Mulder

Getting Direct About Direct Mail

I’ve said it for years. Direct mail is where it’s at for small business. Especially when your immediate geography plays an important role in your business, every door direct mail is an affordable way of getting your message to your potential customers. It’s important to note that what you say in the mailer is vital! As always, your communication needs to give your audience a compelling reason to do business with you.

EDDM works best when you have a product or service everyone in the neighborhood can use and you have an extremely small marketing budget. With EDDM, you can send up to 5000 pieces per day and choose carrier routes in the neighborhoods that do business with you.

Take for instance our client Smitty’s Maintenance, Repair and Collision – a small mechanic in Palmer Township, PA. Their core clientele comes from within a 2 mile radius of the garage. So, they chose to run an EDDM campaign to introduce the new brand and get people in the door. Coupons were included to gauge the return. Their ROI has proven to be nearly 700%. But more important than the revenue it generated, the pieces have created brand awareness in the community and 35% of the coupon redemptions came from new customers.

Smitty’s summer mailer is out now and we are hoping for even more amazing success. Early indications are that it will be just as successful.

In Smitty’s case, they fit the criteria to be successful using Every Door Direct Mail. Perhaps it can work for you. Maybe it’s worth exploring.

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