April 09, 2020
Olivia Wood

Embracing Social Media Amid The Coronavirus

Social media is playing such an important role connecting people during this growing global pandemic.  The accessibility of social media allows us to easily connect with loved ones across the world, helping alleviate the effects of isolation. It is also a great way for brands to stay in contact with their loyal customer-base.

Here’s some of the amazing ways we’ve seen people and brands using social media during this the crisis:

Providing Crucial Information

Social media has allowed us to stay on the pulse of the crisis globally and locally as it evolves, and to help us stay educated on how to protect ourselves and others. Social platforms have also been quickly adapting to provide easy access to credible COVID-19 related news, to dispel as much of the false information out there as possible.

Helping Organizations Share Timely Updates

Imagine if this was happening fifteen years ago? It would be even more detrimental to the local businesses that have to temporarily shut their doors.

Thanks to social media, we’ve been able to stay connected to some of our favorite local businesses and they have been able to adapt quickly as the situation evolves. One example I’ve seen in action is with local restaurants, who quickly adapted to providing take out, curbside pickup, and online or phone ordering. It has helped restaurants keep their businesses running and the people of our communities fed. Win-win!

Creating New Creative Outlets

As someone who spends a lot of my free time going to see live music, I am loving the way that the arts and music community is turning to social media.

On a local level, we are seeing nonprofits like Artsquest providing opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talent while engaging with the local community. On a grander scale you may be able to catch the set of a performer you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see

This has been an incredible example of people coming together to provide hope and moments of joy.

Allowing Businesses to Continue Their Marketing

Mulder mentioned in his blog last week that this is not the time to stop your marketing. Thanks to social media, you don’t need to. 

At 3Seed, we work really hard to get our clients to a place where they can build off their strong brand presence on social. Our focus on growing the brand’s following and creating clear messaging allowed us to pivot the communication to their existing followers when these unforeseen circumstances hit.

Our clients have adapted their messages in such amazing ways! The Yurconic Agency has been doing a great job of communicating that their agents are still standing by and are ready to take your calls about any personal insurance needs. We even worked with our friends at Marywood University to create a virtual Accepted Students Day event, and have enjoyed watching their admissions staff go live to answer prospective student’s questions.

Now is the time to change your messaging but not stop them complete and brands are doing a great job!

Spreading Hope Across the World

There is a lot of scary information out on social media right now, but there is also a lot of good news. Staying digitally connected to the ones we love, sharing funny memes, and spreading good news has been a real positive of being so easily and widely connected. These have been some of the incredible glimmers of hope we have seen cropping up across social media platforms, and are celebrating together to cover the distances we’re feeling right now. Remember, this won’t last forever!

Have you been seeing interesting ways brands are using social media? We’ve love to hear about them. Send us a message on social media, or reach out to us on our website. We love good news and we are always here to help you with any of your personal brand struggles during this time.

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