August 31, 2017
John Mulder

Branding Your Headshots: A Uniform Look Sans Uniforms

Showing off the team that makes up your company is an important move for businesses who whose culture is an integrated part of their identity. From a marketing standpoint, it should be a key part of your strategy if you want other businesses to connect with your brand. People like to see the faces that go with the names popping up in their inbox or calling them on the phone.

It’s important to have the photos that appear on your website looking fresh and on brand. If there’s one thing we know when it comes to branding, consistency is key. To achieve this, you should stick to a few guidelines to make your brand look credible and ensure your team’s looking strong.

DO have a photo day periodically. This way you can capture any new team members and stay current if people have changed their appearance.

DO take the photos on a similar background with similar lighting. Color temperature of a photograph plays an important role as well. So even without a uniform, you can achieve uniformity that remains on brand.

DO NOT ask people to provide a personal photograph. The consistency and professionalism you want to achieve won’t happen if this is your strategy.

DO ask people to dress how they typically do for their job. No need to wear your Sunday best if that’s not your office’s dress code.

DO get creative if your brand is creative. Stiff, high school portraits aren’t always the best choice. Encourage your employees to relax and have some fun.

We recently took our own advice when updating our website, and included updated, on-brand pictures of our awesome team.

Having trouble showing off just how cool your brand is? Contact us to discuss how you can achieve excellence with some branded photography.

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