July 21, 2015
John Mulder

8 Ways 3Seed creates collaboration and colors creativity

In a creative agency, when you get people to work together, the creative product is better. But you need to have a culture in your company that fosters that level of interaction.

I was asked recently, “How do you create such a creative atmosphere?” I’d like to take sole credit for the way 3Seed is, but in truth, we all help to create it. Our culture is colored by what we do, who we have working for us, the office itself, and our employee management.

I boiled it down to these 8 things:

1) Open workspace – We developed several informal meeting areas and encouraged collaboration by eliminating cubicles. This wall-less environment has helped create a vibrant office and creative ideas. A day without laughter never happens.

2) Warm lighting – Yes, we have overhead fluorescents, but their color temperature is a yellow which makes it softer. In my experience, harsh blue light isn’t conducive to creativity.

3) Rolling start time – For a punctual person, this was difficult at first, but we discovered that a one-hour window that you have to be at work makes for a less stressful start for everyone’s day and a creative mindset.

4) Employees First – We try to keep the environment engaging, comfortable, and fun while maintaining a level of creative professionalism. We respond to requests to improve the atmosphere and do what we can when we can.

5) Reward System – A turn at the harvester rewards employees for a job well done. It also hangs on a central wall as innovative décor and a constant reminder to go above and beyond.

6) Group activities – We create group activities and creative sessions on a regular basis to keep everyone engaged and loose. Working on even silly problems, as a team, helps foster daily creative interaction.

7) Color and décor – Everything that adorns our walls is on brand. Items and furniture were picked to mean something and inspire everyone while staying within our brand.

8) Empower employees– Everyone at 3Seed is challenged to actively contribute to our creative atmosphere and overall culture of the company. If they aren’t happy with something, they are charged with making the change and owning the solution.

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