October 20, 2015
John Mulder

24 Ways to Keep Creativity Flowing

A rut is like a lock on your brain. Switching up your routine is the key. Here are 24 easy ways to rejuvenate your creative thinking and start looking at things from a different perspective.

Rearrange your office.

Sit in a different seat for the same weekly meeting.

Drive a different way to work.

Listen to a different type of music.

Buy something on impulse.

Wear crazy socks.

Play a practical joke.

Change the background on your computer.

Doodle on an unlined piece of paper.

Eat at a smorgasbord.

Talk to a person 20 years older than you about pop culture.

Talk to a 10-year-old about your business.

Build something with Legos for 30 minutes.

Google the next thing you think about.

Call someone important to you just to say hello.

Read the lyrics from a Led Zeppelin song aloud.

Plan a vacation to someplace you’ve never been.

Watch a documentary.

Plant some seeds.

Walk backwards through your office.

Play a board game from your childhood.

Write one haiku each morning for a month.

Make a gourmet dinner (even if you can’t cook).

It’s never fun to get stuck creatively. And as they say, prevention is much easier than finding a cure. Try some of these things out. I’m betting that you’ll never fall into a rut if you do!

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