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EZ Micro Solutions Case Study

EZ Micro is not your typical IT provider. Their managed service approach is as unique as their company culture. Yet, none of that was reflected in their brand, so we dug deeper into what makes EZ Micro stand out and created an identity to match. Everything else just fell into place.

When you work for EZ Micro, you aren’t just a number. You are a core team member. Your identity outside of work becomes an important part of your identity at work. EZ Micro even gives each team member a personality test to identify how all these moving parts (also known as employees) can work together. When we heard that, we knew we needed to create a new brand identity that would show off all of the unique team members and services from one cool company, EZ Micro.
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“It takes a company with vision, patience, talent, and perseverance (did I mention patience?) to draw out of a customer what they REALLY want. This extraordinary team picked up on the fact that we couldn’t deliver that “WOW factor” on our new website unless we rebranded. 3Seed took us through exercises, met with our entire company, took the time to understand our culture, our staff, and what’s important to us in caring for our customers.

I can’t thank the entire team enough for the exceptional work they did. I was impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. If you are looking to get a website built or redesigned, these are the go-to guys!”

— Lisa Buss / Customer Account Manager

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The bots we created as part of EZ Micro’s new brand represent a myriad of things. They represent the fun culture fostered at EZ Micro. They signify the different outcomes from the personality test. They are also used across the site to identify the many IT challenges their loyal customers may face. And, loyal is an understatement. Just check out this testimonial video we filmed of a long-time customer!