November 04, 2014
John Mulder

The Surprising Promise of Compromise

You’ve got to give something up to get something in return. It’s been the rule forever. Historically, every treaty, every law, every settlement has been ensconced in compromise. Even in one’s personal life, it’s compromise that moves us along.

And so it goes in business. It’s been said that you’ve got to spend money to make money. Give some to get more. So I’m here to tell you that if you’re not already, you’ve got to start to looking at your marketing budget as an investment rather than an expense. When you do, you’ll have a very different opinion of it.

Recently, 3Seed was presented with the opportunity to invest $35,000 on a booth at a conference FILLED with our ideal client. If we didn’t spend the money, we would still have the $35,000 in the bank – no more, no less. But, if we chose to invest it and got just 5 clients out of the trip to Phoenix, we would end up ahead. WAY ahead. We chose to invest.

Now, I know that an investment is essentially a gamble. But as another saying goes, no risk, no reward. I’m hopeful that it was a calculated one. We will find out if the investment was worthwhile in a few weeks.

So…Are you investing in YOUR company? Or are you holding on to what you’ve got for fear of losing it? It’s up to you, but I do know from experience, and also because .38 Special told me so, if you cling too tightly, you’re gonna to lose control.

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