October 10, 2017
Julie Moyer

Rebranding Part III: The Medium – Consistency is Key

In parts one and two of our three part rebranding blogs series, we’ve provided you with tips on how to successfully craft the message of your brand, and important details to consider when changing its look and identity. Now, to wrap things up, we’ll shed some light on our third and final topic – the medium.

A medium can be described as the channel you select to reach your audience and spread the word about your organization. Don’t be fooled. The medium you choose isn’t just limited to television, newspapers and digital advertising. It comes in the form of email blasts, monthly newsletters, inserts and more. Below are some tips to ensure your rebranding efforts don’t fall flat after you’ve worked so hard crafting the message and creating a new look:

Know your audience. 

While this is also an important factor when crafting the message for your brand, it also comes in handy when selecting which medium to use. For example, if you’re a retirement home looking to increase awareness about your facility’s amenities, you probably aren’t going to use snapchat to spread the word. Do research on what platform your audience spends their time on. It will benefit your business in the end.

Consistency is key. 

Of all the things there are to know about selecting the best medium for your audience, here’s the most important – consistency. Whether you’re creating online display ads, or designing an ad for your local newspaper, you’re going to want your audience to become familiar with your organization’s new look. Make sure that brand guidelines are being followed across all channels.

Get everyone on the same page. 

You and your team may have worked really hard on rebranding your organization, but if everyone doesn’t know to implement the changes, your efforts may fall short. Send out an email to the entire organization with updated logos, fonts, colors and brand guidelines as soon as possible. This helps everyone stay on the same page.

Abide by the motto, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

If you find marketing collateral that uses old branding guidelines, toss it out! Better yet, make sure everyone knows to contact the marketing team to let them know, and see if it can be recreated using the new brand guidelines.

Has our rebranding blog series piqued your interest in starting a rebrand of your own? The tips we provided are a great place to begin! For more help rolling your organization’s rebrand, contact the team at 3Seed today!

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