January 24, 2017
Julie Moyer

How to Revive a Dead Brand

It’s always fun to be the hot brand. The new brand. The company people are clamoring about. The one they can’t wait to work with!

But, what if you’re not that company? What if, when you are talking to an ideal client, you only receive a blank stare when you mention your company’s name? What then?

If a lack of recognition or an apathetic response sounds all too familiar, it should be a major red flag that your brand is weak, stagnant, or worse, dying.

A lack of brand recognition could point to several issues in your marketing.

Have you been actively marketing your brand? A brand is not a “build it, and they will come” scenario. You need to put in the work. This means committing time and money to advertising, search campaigns, and your social media presence. The more times your brand is seen, the better.

Have you maintained brand consistency? Consistency is key in conveying your brand and its message. Make sure your messaging and identity are consistent in everything you do. This includes social media, your website, print material, and ads; even your office space.

Are you not standing out in the crowd? It is important to focus on differentiating your brand in the eyes of your customer. Play up the impact your brand has, or focus on an industry void that your company fills. You may not be getting the recognition you want because you are lost in the sea of brands your potential clientbase has available to them.

Or, maybe what you are doing is just not working:

When you feel your branding is no longer working, you have several options:
1) You can remind people of your original brand with a creative campaign.
2) You can introduce a new element or product line to rejuvenate interest.
3) You can perform a complete rebrand and introduce the market to a fresh new you.

It is important you work with a good agency to determine which route is best for you. It is also important you choose an agency that has your best interest in mind. Although rebranding is ultimately the most fun, a good agency will be able to pick up on aspects of your brand that have staying power.

Remember, you get tired of your brand way before other people do, so work with an agency you trust to determine if in fact it is time for a brand overhaul, or if you can just tweak a few elements to keep your brand fresh.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss what we can do to save your brand.

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