January 29, 2020
John Mulder

Clairvoyant Advertising

Marketing by its very nature is reactive. Sometimes things happen in the marketplace, society, or even a company that requires us to pivot and recraft our messaging in order to respond to what’s going on.

There are also many instances where campaigns build momentum by echoing current trends. Sometimes it’s language. Sometimes it’s visuals. In these instances, brands want to be an integral part of the culture at large.

Rarely are we lucky enough to predict a social movement or are so far ahead of the wave that we are poised for the best ride of our lives. In fact, as it is with Planters’ death of Mr. Peanut campaign, our carefully planned efforts can get derailed by an unforeseen tragedy.

Because we cannot predict the future, we must be flexible and willing to change course in response at any moment.

At 3Seed we have a team of social listeners who monitor what’s trending – what’s hot and what’s not – and we aren’t afraid to make recommendations based on what we see.

Understand though,  directly jumping on the bandwagon isn’t always what a client needs. More times than not, we just need to be aware of what’s going on so we are able to be sensitive to the current landscape.

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