January 11, 2016
John Mulder

A Word About Awards and Accolades

The award season for advertising is nearly upon us again. It’s a time to review the year and look back at the (hopefully) great things we’ve accomplished in 2015. We sift through the work, find the best, and enter them to be judged. It’s a time-consuming job to enter and prepare the submissions.

I’ve often wondered if the general public cares about the attaboys we get every year at the local level of the American Advertising Awards or if we do it for our own vanity. This week, I had my answer.

People DO genuinely care. They want to know that the work you created for them was among your best. They want to know the agency they chose is among the best. They want bragging rights in their industry that their ads are among the best.

And when you win a Gold Addy, it lets everyone know that you are indeed among the best.

The accolades of awards and competitions give us vindication of a job well done. Especially in an industry where creativity and the work can be fleeting, we need to know where we stand. Are we good enough? Does what we do really matter?

So yes. It’s worth it. It matters. Attaboy!

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