May 04, 2017
John Mulder

Videoscaping – The Solution to Fresh Brand Videos

Landscaping is the act of cleaning up your yard. Pruning, trimming, raking. Overall making it look tidy and inviting. Unruly bushes and unkempt garden beds are not attractive or particularly inviting.

The same goes for the video on your website or social media. It is important to step back and think about whether your video showcases your brand in the way you want it to be seen. Let’s call it videoscaping.

Here are some tips on videoscaping your video to make sure it shows off the true you.

Has the story changed? Over time facts can change. Make sure your video is telling the story the way it needs to be told. If the content in your videos are inaccurate or outdated, take the time to change it.

Has fashion changed? Nothing says “outdated” quite like fashion. Was your video shot a decade ago, or even several years ago? Does the setting and the attire of those involved feel dated? Even if the story hasn’t changed, old styles make your video look outdated.

 Has technology changed? Keeping up with technology can be challenging. But with HD and 4K monitors, your old standard video won’t hold up and certainly won’t look crisp. Graphic elements should look up-to-date as well as your location and attire.

Has your brand changed? Logos, taglines, and design should be current. People may get confused if your old brand appears on your newly branded site.

Want to start incorporating video into your brand and social media strategy? That’s what we like to hear. Reach out to us with any questions or ideas. We would love to make it happen.

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