Web Developer

Do you enjoy bringing creative ideas to life? Are you good at solving unique problems? Do you add artistic flair to your development projects? Are you at home with a pair of headphones and a dark-mode code editor?

We Are:

A full-service marketing agency built on creativity and passion, and powered by integrity, kindness, and collaboration.

You are:

  • Creative
  • Inspired
  • Self-Motivated
  • Proactive
  • Meticulous
  • Detail Oriented

General Requirements:

  • BSc in Computer Science or relevant field
  • 3-5+ years Web Development experience
  • Ability to work and collaborate in a team environment
  • Ability to manage your time and multi-task
  • Work in a hybrid work-from-home model. In-office Monday and Thursday, work-from-home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  • HTML: You know which tags are semantically correct in which situations. You know what ARIA tags are.
  • CSS: Every site you make is responsive. You use a CSS pre-processor. Any experience with keyframe animation is a plus.
  • JavaScript: You know JavaScript with and without a framework like jQuery. You are comfortable with creating and handling AJAX requests. Bonus points if you’ve created a PWA with a framework such as React, Vue, or Svelte.
  • You know how to turn a Photoshop file into a website.


  • PHP: You have fundamental PHP skills, and know how to use PHP outside of a framework or CMS (ex. variables, loops, functions, classes). Bonus points if you’ve worked in an MVC framework. Bonus points for each PHP CMS you’ve worked in.
  • WordPress: You have built websites with WordPress and created a custom-built theme from the ground up. The less plugins you use, the better. No page-builder plugins. Bonus points if you know how to use and create ACF fields and blocks.
  • MySQL: You know how to read and write basic SQL commands (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). Bonus points if you are comfortable writing more complex queries like joins, sub-queries, etc.

Extra Bonus Points:

  • You have a good design eye. You know which rollovers and which animations make sense for the site you’re building.
  • You know how to organize and edit SVG graphics for CSS and/or SMIL animation.
  • You have experience optimizing a site for speed.
  • You know how best to structure your markup for ADA compliance.

Day-To-Day Responsibilities:

  • Create custom WordPress websites from design files (Photoshop, Illustrator). Custom themes from the ground up.
  • Solving complex problems such as: integrating 3rd-party APIs with client websites, creating member portals, developing advanced front-end filtering/pagination methods with AJAX + PHP, integrating payment gateways, etc. Without plugins.
  • Complete tasks for existing clients on existing websites. This could mean adding pages, creating landing pages, copy changes, etc.
  • Performing monthly maintenance for existing clients each month. This includes WordPress updates, testing forms, security and malware tests, etc.
  • Working with the SEO team to identify and fix SEO issues for existing clients, as well as prevent SEO issues on future web projects.
  • Learning something new every day.

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.