3seed Logo Case Study

3seed Case Study

Call it self-absorbed to write a case study about yourself. We prefer to call it pride.

After all, we put hard work into our brand, from the logo, to the culture, to the work, and our social presence. There’s no one else like us, so why not talk about it?

Our logo, the visual backbone of our brand, has evolved over the years into a simplified representation of what we are. We are multifaceted, just like our services: marketing, design and interactive.

Our business card is our brand sent out into the wild. Each fruit and vegetable grew from a seed, just as each team member continues to grow in their role at 3Seed.

Previous Design
Current Design
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Crafting Our Story
We believe that you reap what you sow, and thus you should sow good. In everything we do, from creative direction, to branding, to social media strategy, and crafting an SEO plan, we put in the time, energy, and brain power to ensure we embody our tagline:

Living our brand, daily
Our company culture is how we cultivate our brand from the inside out, and that’s extremely important to us.

It’s why we have First Friday activities as a team. It’s why we enjoy eating outside on a nice summer day. It’s why we celebrate our team members for a job well done. And why our office is a living, breathing representation of our brand.

Showing off our capabilities to the world
Our brand showcases our abilities to create a powerful logo, tell a strong brand story, and build an amazing website. What we do for 3Seed is an excellent example of what we can do for our clients. Thus, why we created a case study about ourselves! Need a logo to represent your business? Need a website to sell your products? Have a website, but need someone to manage it? We can do it all, and will go above and beyond to do it.
But, at the end of the day, it’s really our clients who exemplify just how great we are.
See what we’ve accomplished alongside of them.On your way to being one of our biggest fans?
Learn more about our brand and meet the team.